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開始塗鴉是源於2013年某天,發現了我的舊記事簿,手掌般大小,翻開一看,裡面是一片空白。不要它白白浪費了,便開始在記事薄上塗鴉。開始畫風景、建築物、花草樹林⋯⋯等等,慢慢喜歡這種用紙筆透過細心觀察,紀錄視覺影像的方法。人的面孔千變萬化,很有趣,一直很想畫;學習化妝時,也習慣觀察人的五官面貌,對明暗對比有一點點認識,相信手執化妝掃,和手執畫筆也差不多吧,開始練習畫人像,向fashion illustration 的方向出發也不錯。翻雜誌,看見吸引的廣告,會撕下來儲存,她/他們成為了我的模特兒。待技巧純熟一點,找真人版來畫;朋友,到時候不要給我吃檸檬。

繪畫能讓內心安靜,精神集中,在這個9, 10月也幫了不少忙。

I start practice on drawing faces and figues. Here're all my super models in Sep and Oct.


Natalie Portman / Spring 2015 / Christian Dior


Amanda Seyfried / AW 2015 / Cle de Peau Beaute


Suvi Koponen / SS 2015 / Chloe


Suki Waterhouse / SS 2014 / Burberry


Anna Ewers / SS 2015 / Marc Jacobs


Jac Jagaciak / SS 2014 / Chanel Beauty

Carmen Kass / AW 2014 / narciso rodriguez

tout a coup / I.T is Inspiration

Besides drawing faces, here is some urbansketch. Blue House at Wanchi, Hong Kong. This is my first time going out with a group of urban sketchers.

Pencil, Watercolor pencil and Pen

A street singer performing at Star Ferry Pier on a Friday night. His song heal my lonly soul at that moment.


Stay tune and see what's up next month.

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