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Art and Design

For us, art comes from our daily life.  It makes us feel content and touches our soul.  It is an attitude.  Design is a form of communication and interaction about art, about feelings and messages that touches our inner soul.


Creativity – Use it or Lose it?

From business to creative, we try to connect the dots. Nowadays, living in a fast-paced world, people are too pre-occupied with digesting huge amount of information everyday; copying successful business models can make quick money but it also makes everything the same around the world.  Creativity is making something unique, expressive and special; it is the shiny bit that catches attention.


It is our goal to illuminate beauty and happiness; it is our belief that each and every one is unique and beautiful in its original form. Although we may be tiny and insignificant, we cherish, grasp and enjoy the freedom to express and sharing it creatively.


We are a couple based in Hong Kong. CarmanPetite loves arts and illustration complemented by +Min with passion for photography. Our combination in pursuit of art and creativity. Welcome to explore our visual journey and that is the origin of our brand “Vsojoy”.


CarmanPetite BIO
  • Business Administration Graduate

  • Media Make-up Diploma

  • A self-taught illustrator


+Min BIO
  • Computer Science Graduate

  • Photographer

  • A low-key man

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