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MC GGpetite | Curiousity Nature Imagination

CarmanPetite wants to show you happiness through her artworks. The bright side of life that is filled with love and fun.  Look at our nature, people, cosmetics, dance, music, biking, food, urban city and even in our everyday surroundings. All of these make our life beautiful. Her favorite style is minimalism although she is open to other forms of style.  She loves learning and continues to do so, making her creations unique and positive.


Photography!  You can feel it, it is a moment and a flash in your mind that you want to capture it immediately and share it through the lens. Sometimes you have to guess and predict how it will come across your lens, it is fun and an enjoyable experience to take snapshots. +Min loves to take photos when he travel, be it Iceland, Copenhagen, Scottish Highlands, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea and places in Europe such as Austria, Czech Republic, Rome, Italy, Paris, Switzerland, Brussels, Netherlands and England.  His passion is travel and photography.  Besides taking photos while traveling, he also enjoys taking photos for special events.

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