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Arts Exhibition 2013 – Distilling Senses


香港藝術中心 - 年度旗艦展覽

This is the flagship annual exhibition conducted by Hong Kong Arts Centre [11 Dec 13 – 12 Jan 14].

When technology mixed with arts, it forms a new dimension and see how technology impact and stimulate on artists. Digital, sound , mixed media and installation are widely applied into the artworks, or technology itself is already an artwork. This exhibition encourage audiences to get involve, experience and interactive with the artwork. The setup is on the path where you have to go through, as an audience, you must walk through it, that is to experience it.

There are 10 art pieces from 9 artists among Asia and personally I like the exhibition as a whole and specially like 「Broken Mirror」, 「A White Room」 and 「One Candle」. Besides as an audience, I have another role as a docent and provide guide tour for 2 groups of students. I can't show you the whole picture with just a few photos, that's why I take video and I tried to mixed it into one piece. I don't know the mixing, this is my 1st time for mixing video and thanks for the books from library.

Looking for more information of the exhibition, see the official website down below and also have a link to the interview with artists. Enjoy!


teamLab (Japan) – Homogenizing and Transforming World

Shilpa GUPTA (India) – 100 Queues

LEE Yongbaek (Korea) – Broken Mirror

CHANG Yung Ta (Taiwan) – Signal.Flow 2.1

Takashi ISHIDA (Japan) – A White Room

WONG Chung Yu (Hong Kong) – A Transiting Cycles of Dualism

Nam June PAIK (Korea) – Charlie Chaplin

Nam June PAIK (Korea) – One Candle

Samson YOUNG (Hong Kong) – Liquid Borders Series: Graphic Notation

WANG Ningde (China) – 39×18%


Official website:

[In Eng] http://www.hkac.org.hk/en/calendar.php?id=1289

[In CN] http://www.hkac.org.hk/tc/artslink.php?aid=550

Behind the scene:

Interview with the artists – http://youtu.be/3GnmfwD9QgA

TeamLab Ball - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqYTwCP8hG0

Video Clip:

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