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Ju Ming Sculpting the Living World



Ju Ming Sculpting the Living World

  • 展期 Exhibition: 28. 2 - 15. 6. 2014

  • 地點 Venue:香港藝術館 Hong Kong Museum of Art

  • http://hk.art.museum/

「地獄在人間,人間有天堂。問君何處去,但憑一念間。」 - 朱銘

『Hell is within the living world, but the living world also has a paradise. Which way would you go? It's all decided by you.』 – Ju Ming

朱銘先生,一位我非常欣賞敬佩的雕塑家。作品環繞人物的千奇百態。運用的材質豐富,無論是那一種材質,他好像能給作品賦予生命,生動有力量。材質包括: 木頭,石頭,陶土,海綿翻銅,不鏽鋼,發泡膠。

Mr. Ju Ming is a renowned sculptor and he is one of my admire and favorite sculptor. He always feature human, person he daily see and express how he feels on their role. I love his sculptures, using figures to tell everyday stories, they are powerful and vital. A variety of materials are used on his sculpture including: Wood, Stone, Pottery, Copper casting on sponge, Stainless Steel and Styrofoam.


Living World Series- The Affectionate World

裙的故事 – 我十分喜歡的系列。朱爹爹也愛跳舞嗎?動感、力量加上美態,作品給我感受到那份跳舞的繽放和歡樂。Shirt Story – I love this series, Grandpa Ju Ming do you like dancing? I can felt the momentum and what you wanna share with us the happiness of dancing.


A short video showing how Grandpa handling the material – copper in his Taiwan workshop. 芭蕾 Ballerina

浮世人間 - 游泳

The Floating World – Swimming


Painted wood in white

自在人間 -囚 及 立方體

The Carefree World - Imprisonment and Cube

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