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Nature & Garden, CPH 哥本哈根大自然


探訪哥本哈根東岸小島 (Amager), 小島外圍建了一個海岸公園 (Amager Strandpark) 給公眾免費使用,從市中心乘搭鐵路約30分鐘到達。

Amager Strandpark is a seaside public park easily reached by metro within 30 minutes from the city centre. It was created by building a new beach further out from the original shoreline of Amager Island at the east of Copenhagen.


The playground is connected with the seaside park, people flock here to swim, run, cycle, kayak, dog walking, snorkel, team building and much, much more.


Here the northern section has a natural beach environment with winding paths, broad sandy beaches and low dunes. To the south is the venue for ball games, picnicking and sometime for music show events during summer.


The park is separated from the original beach by a lagoon which is crossed by three bridges, we enter it using the north bridge. There are two open water sea baths at each side which attract me to visit.


Here is Helgoland Sea Bath, a sunny day with temperature around 12-15 °C, a couple of beautiful ladies and a senior man are swimming. The temperature is really cool for us to go swimming. I decided to join them next time when I revisit on midsummer and nude is OK.

走近一點看看這個Helgoland哥本哈根最古老的海岸泳棚,游客隨意在棚內或到大海游泳。泳棚建於1913年,經歷4年復修後在2008年重開。這公園的南邊有另一個設計獨特的泳棚 Kastrup Sea Bath,在建築界成為一時佳話並奪得獎項。

The Helgoland Sea Bath is one of the oldest sea baths in Copenhagen, creating both open beach and protected lagoons. Built in 1913 and reopened in 2008 after 4 years refurbishment. The other one at the south end is Kastrup Sea Bath, which won a bunch of recognitions and award in Architecture.


We don’t and will not happen to have this kind of swimming facilities in Hong Kong, besides that the Tiffany Blue turquoise colour always draw me to get closer.


People enjoying the environment at the deck under the sunlight and a speedboat crossing the sea, and the mirage over the horizon all of those made an interesting composition.


From the beach, you can easily see Middelgrundens - the world largest offshore wind farm on the horizon. The 20 turbines become world famous and rank the most photographed turbines around the world.

離開海岸公園,轉到另一個附近的新發展保育區 Amager Fælled 看看。在2017年,發展商銳意在這片土地大興土林,建築2-3仟個7層高的住房、商店等等,這計劃被居民及保育團體極力反對而停止需重新檢討。這片40公頃土地從未開墾,保存了原生態。若計劃成是,工程將會改變了地勢引致水浸和污染,永久破壞那些罕有物種的棲息地。

We left the park and went to the next place nearby. Amager Fælled is a protected urban nature area. In 2017, a developer insisted to build several 7-storey apartment buildings and shops offering 2-3K housing units. But the proposal met with strong criticism by the residents and nature conservation groups; the project is eventually stopped and review. The 40 hectare large area is the original natural environment never been cultivated by the farming industry. This is unique for its great bio diversity which have survived all these years. The construction will change the landscape and cause flooding and potential contamination.

到 Amager Fælled 的都是當地人,像我們的旅客比較少見。他們來跑步、踩單車、放狗、騎馬、健行散步...等等。感覺是地方很大人數很少,能夠享受無際的空間。嘩,在路上彷佛看到一隻小鹿在草叢中跑過。

The people we met at Amager Fælled are mainly locals and they are coming here for running, jogging, biking, dog walk, horse riding, and walking...etc. I felt the spacey nature environment and people here can enjoy infinite space and freedom. Wow, it’s likely I saw a deer ran through the tall grass.


Not far away is the 4-star Bella Sky Hotel, her stylish unique outlook draw much attention and connected with the largest exhibition, conference centre and shopping mall in Denmark. We are going towards that way to the metro station and return “home”.

我們到 Dr Byen 鐵路站出發步行去Amager Fælled,在途中找洗手間,誤打誤撞進了DR Koncerthuset 音樂廳。世界級完美及昂貴的音樂廳由 Jean Nouvel 設計,一個超巨型的藍色立方體在地面上很吸睛,建築物總共有四大部份,其中音樂廳可容納1800人。丹麥廣播公司和丹麥國家交響樂團總部也設在此。

At the Dr Byen station and on the way to Amager Fælled, we are looking for a washroom and enter the DR Koncerthuset haphazardly. The concert hall is designed by Jean Nouvel, a giant blue cube actually houses four different halls, the biggest concert hall have 1800 seats and the venue is world class acoustic and the most expensive one in the world. Here are also the headquarters of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and DR. Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

每次到國外旅遊都很喜歡逛公園,所以 Botantic Garden 經常會排進行程。大多數 Botantic Garaden 都是免費開放入場,除了溫室要附費。

We love visiting parks when travelling, Botantic Garden is always one of our check points. Almost all Botanic Gardens we visited so far are free for entry except the greenhouse.


The mushroom grow very well and beautiful. I imagine that this is the elf's wooden houses and take a close up for my own memory. The grass is allowed to enter and I stepped carefully to avoid killing the houses and flowers.


The nationals here are generally highly educated with high income. People are surrounded by the heavenly environment, enjoying the high standard of living and comprehensive social welfare system ease up interpersonal relationship. It is no wonder that an open-minded society with democracy and freedom like Scandinavia becomes the dream country of many people.

外國人要多能幹才可以在這快樂國度生活呢?旅程在2019年9月,香港那麼多大事發生的一年,到疫症橫行各國封關自保,現在疫情緩和了香港又回到政治角力場。短短一年間太多意想不到的事情發生,大家都明白已經不可能一切如常。回想當時能夠短暫離開,感受一下 Hygge 是個小確幸。

I admire people living at the dream country like that. The trip is taken on Sep 2019 and Hong Kong is eventful since then. Cornonavirus breakout and the global is panic and most countries closed boundary. The virus cases keep going down but Hong Kong now is facing another critical moment. We all know that the big environment is changed and never possible back to normal. We are lucky to taste “Hygge” before all that happened.

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