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City of Church, Karuizawa


輕井澤 = 美麗、寧靜、浪漫、悠然自得。這裡,日本人的渡假避暑勝地,騎車淺遊,樂透!

Karuizawa a city of church where it is a dream place for wedding. It is quiet, beautiful, houses surrounded by tall trees. The roads are flat and very suitable for riding, we rent a bike to visit this amazing town where just an hour away from Tokyo. You can reach most of the attractive spot with a bike.

We visit around 5-6 churchs and I wanna highlight this one specially – Uchimura Kanzo Stone Church. It is not a building, I think it is a piece of art. Don't miss it if you visit Karuizawa. Here is the link to it's offical website: http://www.stonechurch.jp

Because it is in Easter season, the tree is decorated with eggs which people writing their wishes and blessing. We made it too.

The best to end a day is take a hot spring; I am already crazy for outdoor onsen, a million of stars above the sky and relaxing in the onsen.

A useful route map for riders. It is written in Chinese - Click here to pdf file

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