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Scotland – Edinburgh



Edinburgh is a place on my travel wish list for quite a long time. Living in Hong Kong a metropolis, generally we will not choose to travel to the cities, but Edinburgh is the exception. The attractions in Edinburgh are concentrated, almost all of those can be accomplished on foot.

以王子街為界線,向南是老城區,向北是新城區;一起被聯合國教科文組織列為世界遺產。老城區裡保留了許多歐洲中世紀建築,對文化保育規模龐大及重視,讓我們驚嘆。著名的愛丁堡城堡座落於山崖上,城市裡主幹道都沿著山脊修建。 最初愛丁堡是在其郊區的山上開始發展,後來慢慢開始向城堡石下方發展,成為了今天的愛丁堡。

The city is divided by Princes Street, south is the old city and to the north is the new city; both areas are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old city retains many European medieval architecture, the conservation of cultural in such a large-scale let Ao sigh. Edinburgh Castle is the main attraction in the city which existing at the cliff, the city roads are built along the ridge. Edinburgh is first develop in the mountains, and then slowly expand downward the castle rock and eventually became today Edinburgh.


The Royal Mile is the main road of the old town, grew up about one mile, connected Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. The Royal Mile is a the most busiest tourist street, and many good shot are taken here. In the Old City area, we found many ancient streets and underground cellar, it is very interesting when you imagine that people and horse are walking along these paths in ancient times.

城市以外,有一些很容易到達的登山路徑,在高處細膩這個城市。蘇格蘭人,有些南方人說他們粗魯,但是在愛丁堡接觸的人中,我感覺他們是豪爽、熱情和友善 。

Outside the city, there are some hiking trails within easy reach, you can view the stunning city from the top.    People from the north sometimes project an impression as rude, but I felt that they are forthright, enthusiastic and friendly.


People living in Edinburgh is quite relax I think, there is not fast pace as we are living in Hong Kong, may be they know how to enjoy life; we saw a lot of people leading their dogs to the park, or run into the mountains at evening, I believe they are happy; but this slow-paced, sometimes very annoying when you are hungry waiting for food in the restaurant, and need in a hurry.


Cycling is very popular in Edinburgh, vehicles on the road is also very courteous, cycling is like a part of life and the natural thing to do. People riding every day in this beautiful city, classical buildings along the street ride, we are very envious of it!


Finish the first 3 days in Edinburgh, we go ahead to the Scottish Highlands.

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