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Cesky Krumlov, CZ 捷克-克魯姆洛夫


Crossing the boundary from Austria, we take three hours travel by car from Vienna and arrive the famous small town Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

這個彷佛停留在18世紀的古城,整整被伏爾塔瓦河奧米加 Ω 型的包圍,被譽為是南波西米亞最美麗的一朵玫瑰,在1992年被登錄為世界文化遺產,這裡的建築如果想要修建,必須提出申請。

This small town hidden in vally surrounded by Vltava River in Omega Ω shape. it is a place richly endowed with the bounties of nature and treasures of history. Český Krumlov was put on the list of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1992.


The major areas of tourist attractions including the Old Town, Castle Tower areas and paths along the Vltava River. Some street views at the Old Town.


The shops and streets are already with Christmas decorations by early December.


The building in red rooftop, cobblestone road and The Castle Tower bring you back to the old days. The brief history of CK is the place is owned by Vítek - a noble family from Bohemia since 1250. The rose with five-petalled is the coat-of-arms of Vítek. After around three centuries ruling, the ownership of the place passed on to a few hands.


We are hoping for a snow and dreams come true in the next morning. The street is covered in snow like sugar coated on chocolate. So romantic and chill.


Heading to the Castle Tower, check the opening hour before your visit, we unlucky missed out and can only see her exterior.


Walk through this vaulted carridor to the Courtyard and towards the Upper Castle. It is decorated by painted ornaments dominated by a big five-leaf Rosenberg rose and floral motifs. The view from the South side of the corridor is magnificent.


The Palace is decorated with wall painting. Passing through 3 similar courtyards will arrive Cloak Bridge.


Cloak Bridge is connected with the Palace. There are 4 sculptures on the bridge which are situated by around 1764. The view on the bridge is beautiful and go ahead is the most famous lookout point to the town.


According to legend, the name Krumlov is derived from the German "Krumme Aue", which may be translated as "crooked meadow". The name comes from the natural topography of the town, specifically from the tightly crooked meander of the Vltava river. The apperence of the town is well preserved and has no big changes since 19 century. Here is the best lookout point from the Castle.


Castle Tower is the local landmark reacted at the castle area uphill, you can easily see her everywhere even at the Old Town.


View at the riverbank along the Vltava River. Restaurants, hostel and gallery are all around.


The young smart driver take us from Vienna is the resident in Krumlov, as he said the peak season for visit is Summer time and Chinese National Day Holiday, people squeezing into the small town. Tours are usually arrange day trip and the town return to tranquility at night.


The Christmas market at the Old Town Square, we find some delicious food here and people come around and enjoy the music show, a cozy night.


Here is a place you can temporary get away form the reality and just like living in a fairy tale world. The castle, streets and everywhere look like the movie scene, personally I associated it with Tim Burton when walking on the street. Leave the beautiful small town and heading to Prague

實用連結的 Useful information:

1. Visitor information http://www.ckrumlov.info/php/turista/?lang=en

2. Visit the Castle Tower https://www.zamek-ceskykrumlov.cz/en

3. Map of buildings http://www.encyklopedie.ckrumlov.cz/php/ismap/?map=en_93_jpg

4. UNESCO http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/617/

5. CK Shuttle https://www.ckshuttle.cz/bus-cesky-krumlov-transfer/

6. YellowBus https://www.regiojet.com

7. Czech Republic Railway https://www.cd.cz/en/

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