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Prague (1/3), CZ 捷克布拉格-上

布拉格是捷克共和國首都,座落歐洲正中心連接奧地利和德國珀林。是歐洲最歡迎觀光城市之一。布拉格景點很集中,徒步配合電車地鐵很容易玩。 Prague is the capital of Czech Republic located in the heart of Europe. One of Europe's best preserved city attract over millions travellers around the world every year. The places are easily visit by feet, metro and trams.

長長的伏爾塔瓦河把兩大觀光區「舊城區」和「城堡區」隔開。非正式統計整個城市超過300道橋,在1,2 和7區跨愈這河的大約有12道,最出名是查理橋。

Prague located on the bank of Vltava River, which divided the city into half. An unofficial record there are over 300 bridges in the city. Around 12 of those span across river Vltava in Prague 1, 2 and 7. Charles Bridge (Karlův most) is the most famous bridge.


The stone bridge built in 15 century is a favourite spot for visitors and a place for artists to sell their wares. Spectacular view on the bridge including Prague Castle. Crossing it to the end is Lesser Town.


Get away from the crowd and go to another bridge to take a full view picture of Charles Bridge and Vltava River.

布拉格城堡是重要地標,那裡的聖維特主教堂更不可錯過。我們從 Malostranská 站起步沿舊城堡階梯往山上行,不要少看這121步石級頗費體力的,中途傳來美妙歌聲琴聲,還有她的美吸引很多途人停下來拍照,剛好可以歇歇。

The Old Castle Stairs which represent the most romantic and picturesque access routes to the Castle. We take this route start from Malostranská, it is beautiful but not a easy route, lucky we meet a charming talent harp performer soloing which made our way easier for climbing up 121 steps.


Prague Castle the palace in 9 century and today is the official President's office. All visitors line up for the security check before the entrance. Panoramic city view before the entrance at the eastern gate.


Some stops before entering the heart of Prague Castle. The statue is called “Youth” - the boy with a golden penis that everyone kept touching for good luck polished it shine. Golden Lane, a small street just behind Prague Castle, has charming rows of little houses, where are home of metal alchemist and castle guards in old days and once lived the writer Franz Kafka.


Here is St. George's Basilica the second oldest church in Prague and was founded around 920 AD. Behind it is the famous St. Vitus Cathedral.


As the most important architecture in Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral attracting over 1.8 million visitors annually. Apart from religious services, coronations of Czech Royal also took place here. The cathedral is a place of burial of several patron saints, noblemen and archbishops. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 70,000 sq. meters.


We enter the first part of St. Vitus Cathedral for free and we didn't visit the St. Wenceslas Chapel - the central of the cathedral with magnificent decoration. To visit the whole of St. Vitus and Castle, purchase the tickets and details are in the link at the page bottom.


Guard at the entrance near the garden. My hubby is copying the post of an officer.


Finished visiting Prague Castle and we are leaving it at the western gate. See the panoramic cityscape again at Hradčanské Square.


Walk back to the Old Town Square and follow the people stream to the Christmas Market.

舊城廣場人氣天文鐘, 09:00-23:00之間每到整點天文鐘上方的窗戶開啟十二門徒移動現身,旁邊的四個雕像也會舞動,最後以雞啼和鐘聲束。大約30秒時間吸引很多旅客停留觀看。天文鐘正在維修被包起了。據聞鐘面會2018年1- 8月拿走維修。

When the clock strikes the hour (09:00 - 23:00), at which point the skeleton on the right starts to pull on a string. In the meantime he looks at his other hand, in which he holds an hourglass. Then, two windows open, from where the apostles march and after all that a cock crows! The clock will be taken for repair and back in place in Aug 2018.

廣場內檔口。Stalls at the christmas market.


The lighting show at night, see the sparkling christmas tree at the Old Town Square.


There is another food market right below Charles Bridge at Lesser Town Square.


Coming next lets take a walk at the parks and along the Vltava River.

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