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Prague (2/3), CZ 捷克布拉格-中


You are lucky to meet sunshine at Prague in December because almost 90 percentage of the days are cloudy. Let's go to Petrin Park Garden, the largest park loacted at the city center.

從Ujezd地鐵站行到纜車站,纜車每10-15分鐘開出只有3個站, 乘3分鐘到達山頂了。

Take the Petřín Funicular from Ujezd which departure every 10-15 minutes, the tram has 3 stops only and you will arrive the top of Petrin Hill in 3 minutes.


Petřín Lookout Tower is one of the major attractive spot in the park, as a loose copy inspired by the Eiffel Tower (at a ratio of 1:5). The view from its top overlooks the whole city on a clear day.

在公園隨意走走散步。 相片右上角一排排很整齊的是生果樹啊,收成時可以隨意吃嗎?

Take a casually walk in the park. There are plenty of fruit trees are in a row (the picture at top right), appreciate to have a fresh one when it is available.


I love this picture so much, the youngsters lighten up the bare tree.

整個布拉格的人氣景點盡收眼底。A spectacular full view of the city.


A misty morning and still see the Charles Bridge sit in the heart of the city. Buy a ticket to the top of Lookout Tower can have a better view over the trees. Petrin Garden is really a good relaxing place for a whole family. Seems that Petrin hill has a route connect Prague Castle, visit them on the same day is a good idea.

玩了一個上午,下山離開了。 Chill out at the playground and get ready to the next stop.

介紹市中心一個小島 - 斯特雷奇島,位於舊城區和小城區中央,島上樹林茂密,有遊樂設施、坐椅、餐廳,時不時也有舉辦露天音樂節,是市民休閒的去處。

Střelecký ostrov in the middle of Old Town and Lesser Town, here surrounded by trees is a place for a casual walk and relax. Recreation facility, restaurant available and occasionally, celebrations, concerts and various other cultural events are held here.


A hidden romantic island on the surface of Vltava River. Birds and swan are human friendly and come across to get feed sometimes.

1分鐘不趕行程看天鵝。Take your time for a winter swing, see the 1 minute video.

在布拉格靠著河便會找到風景美麗的地方,介紹另一個市中心公園-康帕島。Here is another park along the Vltava River - Kampa Island.


Talk a walk along the Vltava River at the Kampa Island, you will find these masterpiece, they belongs to Museum Kampa collect and showing contemporary arts.


Arrive the end you can go to the Most Legií bridge and enjoy the magical view of the city.

1分鐘看鳥,飛呀飛鳥兒不用買票座飛機。 One minute Birds show.


Beautiful night view of Pertin Hill and Střelecký ostrov.

下一篇行街街。Let's see the streets in the next article, coming soon.

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