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Prague (3/3), CZ  捷克布拉格-下


The trams are one of the attractions on the street for me as a tourist, the red outlook always caught my attention. Transit by tram is convenience and it cover all areas of the city centre.


The most useful trams are no. 22, 23 and 9, the route access most of the tourist spots. We took no. 23 and enjoy the ride browsing the city centre.

很愛在路口發呆等過馬路的數十秒拍照。 排隊等車時,人們之間的距離感剛剛好,在香港嘛,這些距離之間要塞進2-3個人。

When I'm stopped and waiting at the road intersections, I love to take pictures capture that moment. People have a very good spacing in a line which would't be happened in Hong Kong where people closely packed together and I don't like it very much.


Tittle: Stop the moment


Hi, Prague! A nice day for snapshot, I never get tired of the blue sky.


Along the Vltava River during sunset. People and the birds sharing the beautiful moment.


John Lennon Wall is a wall filled up with graffiti at Lesser Town area near Charles Bridge, it is not large in size but a hot spot for tourist to take pictures.

晃到一個轉車站聽到遠處的琴聲,隨意就放了一個鋼琴路過的市民可以隨便演奏。翻查資料這鋼琴是源於一個Piano on the Street的社區項目,發起人是一位到布拉格開咖啡店的小老闆Mr. Ondřej Kobza。他希望這裡的人重新認知公共空間,不只急急忙忙的趕生活要享受身處的空間。有編關於他意念的訪問詳情到頁底按連結。

Capture the moment people playing piano at the railway station in Prague. "Pianos on the Streets" is a project initiate by a coffee shop owner Mr. Ondřej Kobza, who want people rethink how to perceive a public space and intended to create a better and interesting places in Prague. For more, see an interview at the bottom link.


Tea break at the restaurant beside the Lover's Bridge. So romantic, hoping that I'm the one sitting over there.


In Prague, we can enjoy better meal in terms of the food variety and budget compared it with when in Vienna. We tried local and western food, Japanese and Vietnam cuisines are both find for us.


Trdelnik popular street food been grilled over in flames, this kind of snack is very popular in Central Europe especial Prague, we found many shops making this sweetie at Old Town Square.


Lover's lock over the bridges, easy to see it anywhere in Europe.


The picture is cropped, here are over hundreds locks, a representation of all the blessing and promises.


The narrowest street in Prague connected two streets. For the convenience of pedestrians, the restaurant owner installed two traffic lights on either end of the street to signal when the street is free or occupied.


Street view and the entrance of Lesser Town. Window shopping time.


It is a bit strange for me to perceive 4:30 pm as night because in my hometown normally sunset start around 6 pm even in winter.


Capture the light around the Old Town Square area, where the busiest streets covered with tourist from all around the world. Here you can find restaurants, souvenir shops, exchange store, Trdelnik, art and exhibition galleries. A few Thai massage shops here and the girls are enjoying the fishes massage come across my camera.


Prague is really a nice place for street photographers. The streets and buildings in old days along with the travellers from every corner of the world compose storytelling pictures. We have 2 whole days and 2 half days browsing the city but its is not enough, hope we will revisit in the future. It is almost the end of this trip and a place Karlovy Vary is the next and final stop.

實用資訊 Useful information

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6. Pianos on the Streets interview https://news.expats.cz/community/interview-urban-activist-ondrej-kobza/

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