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Karlovy Vary, CZ 捷克卡羅維瓦利


Karlovy Vary is a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. The place can be reached by bus in around 2 hrs from Prague. It is historically famous for its hot springs since 14 century and It is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic nowadays.


The town is divided by Teplá river. You can easily visit the heart of the town centre on foot. Walk along the river on one side and then cross the bridge to the opposite side. There are two lookout points at the hill nearby where you can be reached by feet - DIANA Observation Tower and Deer Jump Lookout. We are chosen to surf at the town centre in cool weather.


Walk from the bus terminal to the Hot Spring Colonnade, you will go through some restaurants and souvenir shops. Until you see the tourist direction, here as the starting point of meeting those hot springs.


There are around 16 major named hot springs and 300 small one spread over the town.


Since the 16th century the spring was covered by many structures: the stone, wooden, cast-iron colonnade in Swiss style, Art Nouveau style and Pseudo-Renaissance style and the latest modern reinforced steel and concrete in Functionalistic style.


The temperature of spring water vary and people say the minerals inside is good for health. I had little interest in drinking the water but I thought I should at least try it. We bought a special designed porcelain cup from the souvenir stores as tourists always do and fill the spring water from the tap and sip at the tail of the cup. It is rusty tasted and frankly, the taste is disgusting. Lázeňské Oplatky is a biscuit made of spring water, some creamy vanilla in-between the thin layer waffle, it is sweet and taste good.


Although the spring water with heavy taste will not be everybody's favour, I saw people walking around with huge mug filled with the steaming water.

如果不是特別愛喝泉水,在街上來來回回是有點無聊的,遇到的人也不多。可能大部旅客去了嘆水療 。

Here is not much things you can do and see actually on the streets in winter. If you are not very keen on drinking spring water, consider to take a spa session to spend your time.


We spent a night here and the beautiful town covered in snow in next day morning.


Most of the buildings here are in elegant, after all, here is the vocation places for the noble in old days.


The parks covered in snow, enjoy the tranquility and that is beauty in nature.


This is the end of the trip to central Europe. No idea yet for the next destination in 2018. Keep coming back and see where we go.

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